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The CEN e-mediating presence

Collaborative knowledge-building (CKB) in online social networking sites is an area of concern among educators and researchers alike. The focus however, seems to be on how social networking sites mediate the process of CKB in informal settings, while neglecting the... read more

Open for Learning Analytics

Open education initiatives are becoming popular offerings on the web. Found about this from my Twitter steam and thought it must be worth the look. And a good look it ended to be. From January 10th to February 20th George Siemens, Jon Dron, Dave Cormier, Tanya Elias,... read more

Collaborative Learning in Social Networks

Introduction I am here in Anguilla reflecting on a number of ‘Social Media and Academic practice’ sessions that I co-presented with Andy Coverdale from the University of Nottingham. As PhD researchers at the School of Education, we felt comfortable enough to extend... read more

Writing-in-action: Thinking-in-action

My approach to writing is much about an approach to thinking on my feet. It may seem a strange but, this is one way I am able to make sense of the PhD research process. Writing therefore became a filtering reflective process – a process to contextualise my thoughts,... read more

Awake, my blog awake

Awake, my blog awake more thoughts I wish to make of design and things to come again my blog is born! I hope I find the time cause things do get out of hand research, and writing too and not forgetting thesis due So if I lag behind, my friends give me a helping hand... read more

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