Open education initiatives are becoming popular offerings on the web. Found about this from my Twitter steam and thought it must be worth the look. And a good look it ended to be. From January 10th to February 20th George Siemens, Jon Dron, Dave Cormier, Tanya Elias, and Sylvia Currie are facilitating Learning & Knowledge Analytics 2011. This course is an OPEN course and introduces individuals to the growing field of analytics in education sector.

Topics up for discussion include:

Week 1 (Jan 10-16): Introduction to Learning and Knowledge Analytics
Week 2 (Jan 17-23): Rise of “Big Data” and Data Scientists
Week 3 (Jan 24-30): Semantic Web, Linked Data, & Intelligent Curriculum
Week 4 (Jan 31-Feb 6): Visualization: Tools for, and examples of, Analytics
Week 5 (Feb 7-13): Organizational implementation
Week 6 (Feb 14-20): What’s next for Learning & Knowledge Analytics?

To get started:
Please join this group: Once the course begins, daily emails of course activity, readings, and other highlights will be sent to this group.

Course Tag: LAK11 (for tagging resources in delicious/diigo, Twitter hashtag, and tagging blog posts)

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